Friday, October 22, 2010

New In Shop: Lather & Soak

Here are just some of the soaps I've been staying up late to make for the upcoming holiday season, plus some other fun Halloween soaps for next week... head over there's lots more. I hope you can all have a look at my shop Lather & Soak if you've never been before. BTW these soaps make perfect gifts!!


Kerry said...

Liz, I love, love, love the ones you've created for Christmas. The peppermint set looks amazing. I'm already excited to do some Christmas shopping ;)

Sarah said...

Love the Halloween skulls. We'll have to co-ordinate for a giveaway.

And my stocking stuffers this year are already picked! I'm all over the peppermint set.

Wallpaper said...

Thanks guys!! I am gald to hear you like them!! :)